Los Angeles County Traffic Improvement Plan

Los Angeles County is expected to grow by 2.4 million people by 2057. Metro is updating its Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) to enhance mobility and quality of life for L.A. County to position the region for future growth and meet transportation needs.

The foundation for the updated LRTP is a revised expenditure plan calling for a sustained funding approach for a possible November ballot measure that would accelerate and pay for a wide variety of transit and highway projects, roadway improvements and pedestrian and bike paths.

Review the revised LRTP, public input, polling results, and staff presentation including project maps below:

  The Long Range Transportation Plan – Potential Ballot Measure (Complete 4.3MB)

  Potential Ballot Measure – Public Input and Polling Results (116KB)*

  Potential Ballot Measure – Staff Recommendations Presentation (930KB)

* For a complete report of all public input submitted, email theplan@metro.net

Metro releases its first ‘Quality of Life’ report

Seeking to document the impact of investment in local transportation, Metro released its first “Quality of Life” report on Tuesday. The report compares 2008 — the year that Measure R was approved — to 2015.

The idea is to establish benchmarks against which the agency’s progress can be measured. This initial report will be followed by a full report later this year and then updates every two years.

Why compare 2015 to 2008? In 2008, nearly 68 percent of Los Angeles County voters approved the Measure R half-cent sales tax that largely funded the two rail extensions that opened this year (Expo Line to Santa Monica, Gold Line to Azusa), three other rail projects under construction and numerous other transportation projects and programs that are ongoing or in the works.

The full report is above. I encourage you to take a look — it’s digestible and has a lot of interesting stats. Some are flattering. Some show areas that are in need of improvement.

Map Our Progress

We’ve Been Busy.

1. Use the slider tool below to view “Metro’s Existing & Under Construction” map and the “Los Angeles County Traffic Improvement Plan” map. These maps show the tremendous growth of LA County’s rail and transitway system, and indicate the numerous projects that will help make our highway infrastructure work better.

2. Click the titles below to view the list of projects in Highway, Transit, and Bikes.

Los Angeles County Traffic Improvement Plan

Metro Existing & Under Construction Projects

Look how we’ve grown.

Metro Rail just celebrated 25 years of growth in LA County. Play the following map to see how the system has bloomed (and to see what’s still to come!)

Metro Eases Traffic

Metro Keeps LA Moving.

Metro operates one of America’s largest transportation systems, with 450 million bus and rail boardings last year. And we also serve LA County as transit, freeway and local roads funder, planner, coordinator, designer, builder, and operator. All told, Metro projects have created 400,000 jobs in Southern California since 2008, and voter-passed Measure R has added an estimated $32 billion to LA County’s economy.

Metro Rail Facts

Let’s Build More Rail.

  • Metro’s subway and light rail lines deliver 64 million rides each year
  • We’re opening six new Gold Line stations and seven new Expo line stations in the coming months
  • The Purple Line subway extension, now under construction, will move millions between Downtown and Westwood with seven new stations built in three phases
  • We’re building the Regional Connector project, adding three new downtown LA stations and eliminating transfers between rail lines to streamline commutes
  • The Crenshaw Light Rail construction is well under way, promising 8.5 miles of new Metro Rail service mid-city, and extend rail to LAX’s front door
Highway Facts

Let’s Fix Our Freeways.

  • Our 405 freeway improvements have eased rush-hour commutes, enhanced safety and improved busy on- and off-ramp congestion between the Valley and West LA
  • We’re funding two major bottleneck-busting projects on LA freeways
  • Metro’s Freeway Service Patrol trucks clear traffic with free aid to 300,000 stranded motorists each year
Metro Bus Facts

Let’s Move More People.

  • Metro’s bus ridership is the second-highest in the nation (and that means thousands of cars off the road…)
  • Nearly 150 lines deliver one million boardings each weekday
  • Our fleet of 2,200 buses is America’s largest clean-air fleet
Metro Carpool

Let’s Share The Ride.

  • Nearly 460,000 FastTrak customers are enjoying faster commutes and funding transit improvements in ExpressLanes corridors
  • We’ve opened 34 new carpool lane miles since 2009, with 76 more miles around the county still to come
  • Metro funds the largest vanpool system in the country
Metro Local Projects

Let’s Fix Local Streets.

  • Metro funds $430 million worth of local improvement projects each year, from signal synchronization to filling potholes and repaving roads
  • Metro Bike, our bikeshare program, is gearing up for launch soon, with 80 stations and 1,000 bikes almost ready to roll
  • We care for local communities and business through our funding of the Eat, Shop, Play construction mitigation program and our sponsorship of Open Streets events like CicLAvia

Dig Deeper

There’s more to Metro than you may think.

Please take a deeper look at Metro to read about our current plans, and what’s left to do. Click on any of our publications below to learn more.

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