Why is Metro proposing Measure M?

Why is Metro proposing Measure M?

Angelenos spend an average of 81 hours a year stuck in traffic. Currently, there are 10.2 million people living in LA County, and we are projected to grow by 2.3 million people in the next 40 years. Traffic congestion and air pollution are expected to get worse with more growth, and the measure is intended to raise money to meet those needs.

Facts About Measure M – LA Metro’s Ballot Measure (1.3MB, PDF format)
Local Return Allocation by Subregion (280KB, PDF format)

Subregional Fact Sheets

The following fact sheets summarize the projects and Measure M funding for each Los Angeles County region if the measure passes.

Interactive Map: Projects by SubregionClick on a subregion to view the projects in that region and its local return.

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