North County

Subregion Projects: North County

1, 34. High Desert Multi-Purpose Corridor: SR-14 to SR-18

Builds the Los Angeles County portion of a new freeway and toll lanes with parallel rail/transit service and a bikeway to connect cities in the Antelope and Victor Valleys, including Palmdale and Lancaster.

2. I-5 Truck and Carpool Lane Additions: SR-14 Interchange to Lake Hughes Rd

Adds one truck lane and one carpool lane in each direction, while maintaining existing general purpose lanes.

33. Regional Commuter Rail (Metrolink and Amtrak) Improvements

Various capital improvements to enhance travel times, service reliability and speed on Metrolink and Amtrak.

36. North County Transportation Improvements (Representative Sample)

Various street improvements, including street and bridge widenings, to eliminate bottlenecks and improve traffic flow to/from adjacent freeways/highways and connections to local communities. Also includes local transit projects such as improved Metrolink Commuter Rail stations, rail crossings and enhanced bus service.

Local Return Allocations by Subregion: North County

CityProp A (25%)Prop C (20%)MR(15%)MM(17%)
LA County UA1,922,3781,594,5621,195,9211,355,377
Lancaster3,239,771 2,687,305 2,015,479 2,284,209
Palmdale3,163,7062,624,2111,968,158 2,230,579
Santa Clarita4,296,5703,563,8912,672,919 3,029,308
Total$12,622,42410,469,9697,852,477 8,899,473